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Ways To Get Divorced
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Ways To Get Divorced

Do I really need to hire an attorney?

    You may be asking the wrong person. I always think it is better to have an attorney, but then, I am an attorney.

    Divorce isn't rocket-science. We all understand basically what happens in a divorce, so why get a lawyer? Three reasons, in my opinion:

     First, family law is VERY local law. In Missouri there are no juries for an ordinary divorce, so you are left with your Family Court Judge as both the finder of fact (what a jury would do in a civil case) and the applier of law.

There are different ways to get divorced.

I am often asked, "Should I do my own divorce." Of course, I tell them that they have an absolute right of access to the courts in these United States, but will they be effective? The courts in this area have a very strong "pro se" (meaning do-it-yourself) docket. They work well when there are no difficult issues to decide.

DO IT YOURSELF. Remember the old adage, "the lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client." Legal matters, most especially family law matters, are as emotional as they are logical.
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