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Your Complimentary Consultation

     No domestic law matter gets better with time.Did you know that you have thirty (30) days after the date you are served the summons for your domestic relations matter for you to respond to the Court with your Answer and Counter-Petition? Our firm represents individuals in exactly the same situation you face now.

     Fault isn't considered for the spouse who wants a divorce. A spouse who wants a divorce can do so for any reason. A spouse's unfaithful or harmful behavior may count, though, if there is waste or dissipation of marital assets or neglect of children. It takes experience to make fault matter to the Court.

     Good legal representation in family law matters requires perspective, and the best legal representation in family law matters requires experience. Our firm expanded upon years of success in family law, criminal law, civil trial law and workers’ compensation law matters. We leverage our litigation experience, dissolution mediation expertise, and experience as guardians of children, with the perspective of a team approach to achieve our client’s goals in Court. Best of all, I will meet with you for 20-30 minutes on a complimentary basis to help you evaluate your case.

    We can talk about the particulars of the judge or commissioner assigned to your case, the style and tactics typical of your spouse's lawyer or how this action might affect your ability to parent. You should check the rating by the Missouri Bar for your commissioner or judge at www.showmecourts.org. You have a limited amount of time to change judges. Schedule your appointment now. 

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