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Family Law Matters

   Personal service is a key element of Gordon Rea's practice. Every client has Mr. Rea's personal number and Mr. Rea returns his own phone calls, so your time will not normally be spent dealing with staff when discussing your case. We work evenings and weekends by appointment, because we realize families have different needs, and schedules.

   Divorce is one aspect of family law where almost everyone needs a family law attorney. Whether your divorce involves child custody, child support, spousal support, complex division of property or business interests accumulated during the marriage, Attorney Gordon K. Rea is up to the task.  You may also benefit learning from Attorney Gordon K. Rea the differences between an uncontested divorce, a mediated divorce and a litigated divorce. Whether you have already been served with divorce papers or are thinking about divorce "long term," you will benefit from a complimentary consultation with Attorney Gordon K. Rea.

   Divorcing parents know that mediation is a low-cost, low-conflict way to get divorced, and the best way to begin the task of co-parenting without animosity. Gordon K. Rea is a Missouri attorney is specially certified, trained and experienced with divorce mediation. Recently, Mr. Rea mediated several divorces in the west-county homes of the parties on Saturday mornings. To determine whether divorce mediation is an option for your case talk to Attorney Gordon K. Rea during your free initial consultation.

Guardian Ad Litem
   Whenever there are allegations of abuse to children or in some situations where custody of the children is an issue between the parents, the Court appoints a Guardian Ad Litem to represent the "best interests of the child." Because Attorney Gordon K. Rea is certified as a Guardian Ad Litem, he not only can serve in that capacity when called upon by the Court, but can speak "the language of the guardian" in situations where he represents one of the parents and can help with the strategic decision of selecting a guardian for your case.
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